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The Bowl
Tyler Dunham

Tyler Dunham, a 17 year old from Lincolnville, Maine, has always dreamed of having a real terrain park to ride. Right from the days where the jumps were built in his own backyard, it has been a hope to get the same thing going at the local Camden Snowbowl. After finally becoming successful in this project, that dream is now a reality. Tyler, as well as the other three members of the group involved in getting this park, is very pleased with the outcome of all the hard work that went into this accomplishment. Being able to snowboard in this park which for so long was un-achievable, was the greatest reward.

Seth Brown

Seth Brown, 16, lives in Lincolnville Maine.
Seth has skied for his whole life, starting out at age 5 with the help of his friends dad. Since then he has progressed to the point where he ski's every terrain he can come across. Two years ago he picked up his first pair of twin tip skis and started freestyling. Since then he has progressed very far and has astounded many of his fellow skiers. Seth Rides original Head Mad Tricks and his favorite trick is the flair. Seth has worked exceedingly hard to finish the park project. From editing the proposal (video documentary) to helping build the shed and design and build the park elements he is very pleased with what the crew has accomplished.

photo by Miles Turner
Corey Mclean

Corey Mclean has been skiing for almost all of his 16 years here on this wonderous planet. He loves skiing, and jumping on his K2 Public Enemy skis. The Camden Snow Bowl never really had much of a terrain park to ski. Never any well built elements. Summer 2003, these three teens Corey and his co-conspirators sat around his kitchen table and decided to stop complaining, and get things done the professional way. Fund raising and networking. Getting this park built taught a lot to the group, which produced a documentary (Tyler and Seth), proposal video (Seth, Tyler, and Corey), school commercial (Seth), and this here web site done up by none other than Corey McLean himself. After this winter, seeing everyone skiing the park they built and designed, and getting to ride it themselves, the idea was transformed into a reality. "Im glad to have been able to take part in this project, and I'm very impressed with what we were able to accomplish"